Private housing

Are you looking for an attractive loft in Leuven? Bingo!

De Hoorn has 9 top notch lofts for rent on the Vaartkom, with a breathtaking skyline view over Leuven.

starting at€633/week

Temporary home for expats with skyline view

Take a break after a busy working day in one of our private lofts, located on the top floor of
​​​​​​​De Hoorn. Find peace in the beautiful, pure design and the beautiful view over the city. Our furnished lofts can be rented per week or month, or, if you really feel at home there, for an even longer period. Experience the flowing dynamics of life in De Hoorn from the front row, within walking distance of shops and restaurants. Tested and approved by expats, travelers, artists, employees and digital nomads. Two-bedroom lofts are also available for groups of up to 4 people.

Prices from






Cleaning service
Fresh linen

how 'bout a loft with skyline view in louvain?

care for a little foretaste


Cultural must-sees? We provide them. Made your room a bit messy? Feel free to ask an extra cleaning session. Feeling the urge to go on a bike ride? De Hoorn has swap bikes available for rent.

Curious about the options?

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