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Our bar? It's the heart of all social life in De Hoorn. Would you like to enjoy lunch or simply have a fresh Stella on the outdoor terrace? Book your table. 



Bagel Chicken
Chickenham, guacamole, lettuce
Daily fresh soup + bread
Lunch dish of the moment
See buffet or ask for it
Toast with ham and cheese
Daily fresh soup + bread - Cloned - Cloned
Panini bacon
Bacon, cheddar and spring onions
Panini Brie
Honey, pumpkin seeds, arugula
Bagel smoked salmon
Smoked salmon, sour cream and radish
Bagel mozzarella
Mozzarella, tomato and pesto

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Assortment of fine meats - Cloned
Mortadella, salami, parmaham, coppa
Fried cod
with Remouladesauce
Vis, tarwe gluten
Portion of olives
home marinated
Hummus - Cloned
With naanbread
Tarwe gluten, sesam
Pulled bread
herb butter, tapenade, hummus, feta, oil
lactose, tarwegluten, sesam
Chili Nachos
chilisauce, cheddar, guacamole, sour cream
Pulled pork Nachos
pulled pork, bbq-sauce, red onion
Buffalo wings
Cauliflower, bbq sauce, spring onion, sesame
sesam, mosterd, tarwe gluten, ei

Sweet craving

Sweet coffee
coffee with pralines from 'Bittersweet'
crumble, chocolate, whipped cream
lactose, tarwegluten
Pear, roasted mandarin and vanilla ice cream
Ei, tarwe gluten, lactose, sulfiet, hazelnoot

Bar de hoorn, a social life brewery.

Customers, co-workers, friend, family, locals and lost travelers: they all end up in De Hoorn bar.  Out on a Tinder date? Nothing like a chilled Stella or hot chocolate to get the tongues wagging - by the way: we don't judge. It's just that our bar is simply a great place to meet people.
Only out for a quick bite with colleagues or friends? Come in already.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 8:00 to 24:00
Saturday: 11.30 to 24:00

Closed on Sundays and holidays


Sluisstraat 79, 3000 Leuven

Good to know: De Hoorn is cashless. We only accept electronic payments. 

Bites ​​​​​​​&

Stella Artois straight from the tank

Bar with outdoor terrace at Sluispark

Parking Vaartkom nearby

Unique Surrounding for LUNCHand DINER 

Authentic lunch bar in creative Leuven. 

Feel free to pop in!
In the afternoon, the bar is open for healthy lunches with colleagues, friends or Tinder dates.
Do you prefer a more extensive lunch or diner?
Welcome to our restaurant on the frist floor! 

The home of Stella Artois

A bar with a History

And (duh) Fresh stella Artois.

Where does Stella Artois taste best?
In the place where it was first brewed, of course!
At our cafe, discussions and meetings are vibrant and engaging, much like the rich lager we're enjoying, which also ignites our creative thinking. Come chat and relax at our beautiful bar (it was made by some of our local friends):
It's where rich history and inspiring furture meet. 

Your company in our bar

after office time with stella and colleagues.

After a day of hard work, you're most welcome in our bar: enjoy an aperitif and a chat with colleagues and friends. Would you like to rent part of our café for a private drink? Well, you can! We'll happy to put out the 'private' sign and the glasses in our distinctive café or in one of our gorgeous party rooms.


Fill your heart with sunshine at de hoorn.

During summer, we fling the doors of our bar open, you are welcome on our park terrace. Enjoy a glass of soda, a nice breakfast or tasty lunch while slowly letting the dynamics in the Sluispark seep in.
Our terrace is a wonderful place to relax,
​​​​​​​100% car-free, 100% hospitable!

Curious about the options?

Send us an email. We'll help you find the best solution.

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