about us

“Life is liquid”: that's what we say in De Hoorn when we knock back a fresh beer (yup, straight from the Stella tank). But there is more to us than that. At De Hoorn, you can have a taste of the new life, the one where social, work and life merge seamlessly. Our workroom is all fun and games. Our playroom is where we live. Welcome!

a dash of History

from old brewery to creative breeding ground.

Anyone who enters De Hoorn immediately dons the new look of the old brewery. Dating back to the early 18th century, Stella was produced here - the magnificent copper kettles are still on view today. Only now De Hoorn is a playground of creative activity and fluid life, of authenticity fermenting and fresh ideas continuously streaming trough. Not to mention: fresh beers.
De Hoorn: the vibrant brew of our new era. 

a dose
​​​​​​​of community

De HOornfamily offers space for everyone.

What do enterprising geeks, coworkers, party animals and local residents have in common? They are part of one and the same family: The "De Hoorn family".
What is life, exactly? It's in the ideas that shape us, the encounters that affect us, or the party notes we crack with our friends. At De Hoorn, we like to celebrate every single face of life. Feel free to walk trough our door: there is magic in bumping into people having different ideas, perspectives and skills than our own. 

a pinch of local

DE HOORN: proud partner of Louvain's talent.

At De Hoorn, we like to put the spotlight on local talent. Be inspired by the artworks of Leuven's artists.
Walk trough our renovated wing, furnished by the interior design agency Boîte, and our beautiful lofts designed by Plek. Find a sunny spot on our terrace with furniture from Woti and Koffie & Staal. You'd rather sip some beers at our beautiful counter? Bear in mind it was made by carpenters from Leuven. Cheers!

a stream of vaartopia

In the middle of the vAARTKOM, where creative life flourishes.

De Hoorn is located in the epicenter of the renewed Vaartkom in Leuven. A few years ago, some creative major players, including De Hoorn, presented their vision of the future. Its pillars? Innovation, active citizenship and a thriving economy. Since then, the Vaartkom has grown into one of Leuven's hotspots, housing big names such as OPEK, Florida and many more. Feel free to discover, we're expecting you.
And um... if you like to stick around a little longer, we've got the freshest Stella on tap!

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